tonite @ caffe vita come snow or high water

Augustina and I will be there with penguins!


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4 responses to “tonite @ caffe vita come snow or high water

  1. Meryll

    Yay, we did it!!!!

    Sarah, Augustina, and I (Meryll) met with Marie, Robin, Kevin, and J (I don’t know if I have her permission to use her first name because she left before I got there – I like to ask).

    The SEVEN of us sat upstairs in Capitol Hill’s cozy Caffe Vita, taking advantage of the free wireless; with an abundance of Ubuntu distros on Asus laptops (and one Dell), snacking and installing and demoing different twitter clients to each other.

    Future meeting dates in 2009 are:


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  3. It was nice meeting everyone and I had a great time.

    Anyone else interested in monthly or bi-weekly meetings?

  4. Hi Lasivian, it was great meeting you too! We decided on quarterly to start and if there is enough demand/attendance/interest after this year then we can discuss meeting more often.

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