thanks for coming out!

I’d like to thank everyone who took the time to stop by Cafe Vita last night for our first meetup.It was great to meet you all face to face and see what everyone was up to!

We spent a lot of time swapping web sites and sharing info on different things we were currently playing with and working on.

Marie shared Tux, a game that mimics Super Mario Bros. Sarah shared her experiences at a recent Seattle Startup weekend. Robin talked about their Drupal users group and mentioned they are setting a date for a mini-conference in April. Augustina (me) showed off Compiz desktop effects on my eeePC. Kevin and Marie were working to share an internet connection between their computers because Marie’s doesn’t have a wireless card.

Finally Sarah convinced Robin to finally get a Twitter account, so we all spent time installing different Twitter clients and trying them out. Robin finally decided on Twitux as her Tweet client of choice. I was able to get Digsby installed via WINE but it had some UI issues that made it annoying. If anyone wants to try installing Digsby let me know and I’ll post instructions.

It was awesome meeting everyone! Looking forward to our next meetup in May!

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