next SLC meeting 5/12

today, we got the domain moved!

that gave me an excuse to update the blog and remind people to put this on their calendars — 5/12 6pm!

but, if you’re looking to do something next weekend, Robin is hosting a Seattle Drupal User’s group Bar camp —

We are having a BarCamp style, one-day event on February 21st.

Learn about it!

Plus we have a monthly meeting (3rd Thursday of each month):

or if you would like to see what’s happening with the group in

Drupal isn’t Linux but it is GPL’d and the community has a strong *nix
background.  Plus folks are enthusiastic and nice!

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One response to “next SLC meeting 5/12

  1. I must say i’d do almost anything to have this group meet more often. 😀

    I tried going to Gslug this weekend and was.. less than impressed.

    The Vibe at Linuxchix is terrific tho. 🙂

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