Meetings cancelled

The remaining meetings for 2010 have been canceled.

As of now, Seattle LinuxChix exists as an email group through Google groups. Meetings will resume when there is enough interest, commitment, and momentum for them to start up again.

If you are interested in making meetings happen, please contact the group!

The mailing list is currently being used to keep in touch and to announce and encourage participation in events of related local groups.


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3 responses to “Meetings cancelled

  1. foo

    If some of the meetings were north seattle, once in a while, I’d have attended. Capital Hill meetings aren’t my thing.

  2. Wanza

    I am one of the leaders and the North side of Seattle works better for me also. Other people who have attended meetings in the past would also find the northend to be an easier meeting place. I’m at a disadvantage here because I don’t believe you have left a real email address or any way for me to contact you directly. If you are interested in SLC meetings in the North (NW or NE or N or north just beyond Seattle city limits) , I could host them there. My issue is that I can’t do it all myself. The jobs that need to be addressed are as follows:
    1. Two leaders to show up at each meeting – I am willing to commit to be one of them.
    2. One leader to come up with meeting topics in advance of the meetings and to discuss (phone, email, in-person meeting) with me ideas about how to present the topic (also in advance of the meeting). And to decide who will do what at the meeting (who will be the primary presenter, who will be the support presenter, who will be tech support for questions, etc).
    3. One leader to post future meeting dates on the Website and send out meeting reminders.
    4. One leader to write up reviews of past meetings and post them either on the email list or on the Website.

    It really isn’t that much work, but it is too much for one person to be responsible for on a volunteer basis when we all have such busy lives. Mostly it requires a commitment and dependability. I can take on several of these roles, but not all of them.

    I would be interested in discussing this further with you if there is more to discuss. Thanks.

  3. Augustina

    The main reason I suggested calling off meetings is that Seattle already has a plethora of user groups and our group was potentially conflicting with their meetings. The purpose of LinuxChix is to encourage women to be involved in Open Source, not to serve as a support group. I saw our group moving into the “support group” category over the past several months and felt it was not serving the original intention of LinuxChix nor the Open Source community as a whole. The issue is that women feel excluded from the Open Source community, but then we create a women-focused group that was only serving to further ostracize women from the community, rather than encourage involvement. To solve this, I’ve proposed that we turn this into an online community and communicate what user group meetings we will be attending. If we have a particular project or event we would like to coordinate, I think it’s reasonable to have focused meetings regarding the organization of such a project. The goal of all of this is to push people out of their “comfort zones” and challenge women in the Seattle Open Source community to be PRESENT and involved in the community as a whole. Further discussion of this is available at the googlegroups.

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