What is Linuxchix, anyway?

LinuxChix is an online Linux community founded by Deb Richardson.

Deb is a Canadian who works for Linuxcare; she started the group in March of 1999 to give women a less intimidating community to learn Linux. You can learn more about the international organization at http://www.linuxchix.org.

In her own words:

“I started LinuxChix as an attempt to create a more hospitable community in which people can discuss Linux, a community that encourages participation, that doesn’t allow the quieter among us to be drowned out by the vocal minority… To give women who use Linux a comfortable environment in which to discuss the OS they love; to create a community that encourages and helps new users; to make others realize that the vocal minority does not necessarily represent the Linux community in general.”

What is Seattle Linux Chix?

Seattle LinuxChix is the Seattle regional chapter of LinuxChix.org.

Who is leading the Seattle chapter?

Meryll Larkin, whose other passions include Perl programming and Web development has been leading our local chapter since September, 2002.

Who founded the Seattle chapter?

The Seattle chapter was founded in July 2000 by Betsy Aoki, whose other claim to fame is that she also started the Seattle chapter of Webgrrls (which grew to be over 3,000 women).  Ironically, it happened almost the exact same way…she went to the LinuxChix site expecting to attend an existing chapter and then was told the only way to get a chapter was to start one.

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