Do I have to wear a ponytail like the logo?

No.  Our members have many different styles of hair and body…  and we enjoy the diversity.

Patt Cranage, who is both an artist and a SeattleLinuxChix member, reworked the original logo by Val Henson.  It carries the art equivalent of a GPL (General Public License).  “Do whatever you want with it, including printing it on t-shirts and selling them, just let other people also do whatever they want with it.”

I don’t live in Seattle, what do I do?

Well, there are tons of other Linuxchix chapters to join, or, you could be so lucky as to start your own!  A list of the regional chapters (and info on how to start your own) is available on this page.

How do I join Linuxchix, and is there a special requirement for this chapter?

All membership questions are answered here. It’s pretty informal as no one has time for bureaucracy.

Do I have to be female to join?

No, you don’t…although you need to keep in mind that this group is for women to feel safe learning the technology, and as much as we value your input, if you are not female, the show can’t be about you.

If you want to be a Seattle LinuxLad and help out with the chapter, you may follow our normal membership procedure, or if you would like to assist without joining, contact us.

May men attend meetings?

Yes, men are welcome at our meetings, with provisions:

  1. Seattle LinuxChix meetings tend to be a small group, we don’t want the number of men in attendance to be greater than the number of women because that defeats the purpose of these meetings. We don’t want women to be the minority.
  2. During the meeting, men are expected to adapt their communication style to match ours, that means please:
    • do not be the loudest voice among us.
    • try to use more a conversational (allowing others brief interruptions) style than a lecturing one.
    • encourage others, particularly quiet people, to talk too.
    • don’t dominate the conversation.

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  1. Lesenswerter Beitrag, danke.

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